Antelope County

Weed Superintendant

Bruce Ofe
Antelope County Weed Superintendant
1108 L Street​
Neligh, NE 68756
Phone: (402) 887-4659 

About this Office:
The Antelope County Weed Control Authority is a 5 person elected board, which directs the activities of the Weed Superintendent. The Weed Superintendent is an appointed County Official, appointed by the Antelope County Supervisors. The current Superintendent is Bruce Ofe. The current Weed Control Authority Board members are Robert Hofacker, William van Brocklin, Robert Lewis, Edward Jensen and David Willats.

Services of this Office:
The Antelope County Weed Control Authority is responsible for administering the Noxious Weed Control law at the local level. The authority also establishes a coordinated noxious weed control program, causes proper control methods to be utilized following failure of the landowner to provide control, issues individual noxious notices, notifies county attorney of landowners failure to take action to control noxious weeds and files notices with the Register of Deeds of possible unpaid weed control assessments against a property.

Nebraska Weed Control Association

Nebraska Department of Agriculture information relating to Noxious Weed Control: