Antelope County

County Assessor

Kelly Mueller
Antelope County Assessor
501 Main Street Room 7
Neligh, NE  68756
(402) 887-4515  |  Fax (402) 887-4215

The mission of The County Assessor's Office is to achieve equalization among all classes of property by maintaining the highest standards in mass appraisal practices and maintaining accurate and complete property and land records.

Homestead Exemptions

Applications are accepted from February 2nd to June 30th, no appointment is necessary. If you are required to file taxes, please bring your completed tax return when you come to file homestead. If you do not file a tax return, please bring all income information with you. Please bring a total of out of pocket medical expenses.

Nebraska Homestead Exemption Information Guide
Form 458 - Application
Form 458I - Income Statement

Personal Property

DUE ON OR BEFORE MAY 1ST to avoid any late penalties.
All depreciable personal property used in a trade or business, or for the production of income, is taxable.
Depreciation schedules must be provided when filing personal property.

Personal Property Assessment Information Guide

Building Permits

Be sure to fill out a building permit with the Assessor’s Office for any alterations, additions, demolition, and any other changes to your property. Rural improvements also require a zoning permit. You must complete entire form including signature or permit will be void.

Building Permit Form: Building Permit.pdf
Demolition Permit Form: Demo Permit.pdf

Real Property Values for 2017

Residential 94%
Commercial 100%
Agriculture 72%

GIS Website
Real Property Valuation Protest Information Guide

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